The Philadelphia Antiques & Art Show features a Loan Exhibit every year, a tradition since the Show’s founding in 1962. The curated, museum-quality Loan Exhibit changes with each Show and allows visitors a closer look at a specific genre of antiques.

The Art of Silver

Curated by the museum’s Montgomery-Garvan Curator of American Decorative Arts, Alexandra Kirtley.


Artists around the world have worked in silver for thousands of years, and this year’s PAAS loan exhibit celebrates that artistry in early America.  Fourteen pieces of American silver from the collections of the Philadelphia Museum of Art will be showcased in a dazzling display.

The show will be centered around the monumental Vase with Stand (below, left) made in 1829 by Philadelphia silversmith Thomas Fletcher for a commission he received from the New York City retailer Baldwin Gardiner. It will be surrounded by American silver dating from the 1690s through to the 1980s that display the brilliant array of forms, uses, and decoration found on American silver.